BEGIN:VCARD VERSION:3.0 PRODID:-//class_vCard from WhatsAPI//NONSGML Version 1//EN REV:2023-11-30 07:28:08 FN:Naples Backwater Fishing Charters with Capt. Ben Geroy N:Naples;Backwater;Fishing;Charters;with;Capt.;Ben;Geroy TITLE:Inshore/Backwater private guided fishing charters in Naples and Marco Island Florida ADR;type=WORK:1500 Danford Street;;;Naples;Florida;34112; EMAIL;type=INTERNET, TEL;type=WORK,voice:+1 239-777-5635 URL;type=WORK: NOTE:Naples backwater fishing charters with Captain Ben Geroy, a Naples Native and full-time Naples inshore fishing guide. Snook, redfish, tarpon, trout, pompano, sharks. END:VCARD